What this blog is about is right in the title: Change.

Before I go into what this blog is and why I created it, stop for a second and ponder these questions:

  1. What changes have brought me to where I am today?
  2. What changes am I dealing with right now?
  3. What changes lie ahead, whether they be dreams, inevitable realities, life events, etc.?

No, really, give yourself some good time and come back.

No matter who you are, that’s going to be quite the list. Everyone is a culmination of the change that lies behind them combined with the potentially infinite branches of change ahead. I love it. I love thinking about the vastness of potential that we all have. The unique change that makes us tick. The changes yet to happen. You and I have a lot to be thankful for. To be sad for. To be excited for.

THAT is what this blog is all about. I can’t even to begin to quantify for you how excited I am to write about this subject. In the year leading up to creating this blog, I did some soul searching to think about what could I provide the world because I am who I am.

I could have certainly written about Software Engineering. I absolutely love doing it, and have since I was a young teen. It aligns nicely with my career. But I wasn’t satisfied with that answer. Maybe it was too specific of an audience. Maybe I wanted to branch out of engineering into some life territory. What other subject might I be able to write about that people may want to listen to? BOOM. It hit me.

Throughout the years, I’ve constantly embraced change and have done so explicitly by always thinking about it explicitly. Change has always had a seat at my decision-making table. There might not be any other subject I’ve spent more time thinking about.

I won’t go into everything right now, but I will put together my thoughts and provide you some content that hopefully gives you a glimpse into my thoughts and life and what change has the potential to do and to teach. Welcome and enjoy the show!